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Beyond Dispatching: Is your Delivery Management System a Sales Tool

Beyond Dispatching: Is Your Delivery Management System a Sales Tool?

26 September, 2019 | By Arthur Axelrad

B2B and B2C customers use a range of logistics-related apps in their daily lives, from food delivery to e-commerce from their favorite retailers. They have come to expect the same level of communication and visibility from their couriers. 

Carriers looking for a competitive advantage know that delivering parcels on time isn’t enough any more. Today, your delivery management system can be an effective sales tool for winning and retaining business. Sophisticated dispatching systems like those from Dispatch Science incorporate the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and mapping services through mobile apps that instantly link drivers and dispatchers. These tools enable users to identify and manage the best driver, vehicle and route combinations to meet service level agreements, and manage exceptions on the go.

Ultimately, a dispatching tool should help you serve your customer’s customers. Read more about turning your delivery management system into a sales tool in Courier Magazine.

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