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Case Study – EXPEDITE DELIVERY SYSTEM Chooses Dispatch Science for Next-Level Transparency and Flexibility

16 November, 2021 | By Jacques Lamontagne

4 Key Technologies to Modernize and Optimize Delivery Operations



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  • Started in 2003
  • Based in Maryland & servicing Baltimore, Washington DC and Northern Virginia
  • Fleet of cars, vans, trucks operated by independent contractors
  • Servicing Healthcare & pharma, automotive, office supplies, manufacturing, and print & mail markets
  • Provides on-demand, scheduled, routed and dedicated courier, same day freight, and warehousing & distribution services



Modernize and optimize transportation operations and client/driver interactions with next-level transparency and flexibility.



Expedite Delivery System selected Dispatch Science as a partner to future-proof their commitment for providing the most streamlined courier service possible.


Customer Web Portal

The Dispatch Science web portal enables customers to track their deliveries and packages from any device. Times and locations are updated in real-time, providing visibility and accountability to all parties. The self-service portal allows customers to receive instant quotes, view order history, verify POD signatures, and pay invoices on their own.

Optimized Delivery Routes Based on Algorithms

Drivers receive immediate notifications about jobs and assignments on their mobile app. They take advantage of route optimization to receive turn-by-turn directions, reducing the need to manually calculate their routes. With Dispatch Science, they can update delivery windows and statuses for customers and communicate directly with them through text messaging to resolve delivery issues.

Driver Retention and Notification System

The software gives Expedite Delivery System dispatchers total control of the delivery process. They have a map-based real-time view of all drivers and packages, providing them with total versatility when creating routes and updating customers. Every detail of every delivery is at their fingertips. They have the ability to chat with drivers and customers about unexpected delays and delivery windows. For drivers, the system provides workload balance and clear, step-by-step, pick-up and delivery rules.

Actionable Backend Business Analytics

The powerful dashboard totally integrates all of the company’s delivery data. It’s the most powerful and valuable tool they have in making qualified decisions about their services. With it, they are able to assign load sizes for their fleet and create complex pricing and routing agreements. In their words, “It is our all-in-one customer relationship management tool, task manager, analytics tracker, and delivery planner“.



  • Save time and money
  • A more individualized experience


“With Dispatch Science, we’re offering next-level transparency and flexibility. This cloud-based delivery service logistics software employs artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic expressions to update and improve processes as well as client and driver relations.

Expedite Delivery System



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