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8 Communication Strategies to Become your Shipper’s Irreplaceable Carrier

7 April, 2021

Use Dispatch Science to create perfectly targeted alerts and notifications that extend your customers’ brands, boost their sales, and delight their clients. Meanwhile, give everybody the peace of mind they crave around the timing of pick-ups and deliveries.

What’s in it for you? Delighted customers that are joined to you by the hip and will never leave because you’ve become an integral part of their success.

Beyond the obvious need to reassure clients that their delivery is on the way, here are 8 ideas how you can increase customer retention:

1. Extend their Brand

Extend their Brand 

Become an extension of your client’s brand by complying with their branding guidelines, using the correct logos, fonts, layout and even message tone in your notifications


2. Extend their E-Commerce Capabilities

Extend their eCommerce

Help your clients provide a perfectly seamless shopping experience by extending their shopping cart contents to your delivery notifications, using embedded images and descriptions. Their customer satisfaction levels will reach new heights and they will reward you with increased business and greater loyalty.


3. Help them Standout from their Competitors

Stand out from the competition

Propose innovative ways to delight customers. For instance, imagine letting your clients handle questions directly by linking your SMS notifications with their messaging portal.


4. Extend their Promotions Strategies

Extend their promotions

Rebate programs are a part of the marketing mix of over half of retailers and manufacturers. They will adore you for boosting their incremental sales at no extra cost to them! Just display their special offers on your alerts and notifications.


5. Eliminate Pick-up Anxiety

Eliminate anxiety

Create pick-up notifications and ETA alerts for senders: We all know that route optimization results in pick-ups coinciding with other stops on a driver’s route. People get antsy because they see their important envelope/package/pallet still sitting there while the minutes and hours are ticking by. Give your nervous nellies a break with advance ETA pick-up alerts.


6. Reduce Theft/Security Concerns

Reduce Theft/security concerns

These days, people are super sensitive about potential scams, and rightly so! Reassure them by including a photo of the driver and his vehicle information on the notifications they receive.


7. Stay in Touch Especially When Things go Wrong

Stay in touch

Because stuff happens and your day sometimes goes sideways, send special notifications for unexpected events such as weather, traffic congestion, or other issues. Your clients will appreciate their extra personal care.


8. Grant them Access to Your Data


Weave your own data into your customer’s processes so that just the thought of leaving you becomes unbearable. Use the Dispatch Science API to share their delivery information. Once it’s embedded into their messages, the value of the data you provide increases by leaps and bounds.


Use our Notifications Editor to Delight your Customers and Boost your Sales

It’s easier to grow your business when you adopt strategies that incorporate software solutions like Dispatch Science to improve customer communications.


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