dispatching does exist…

Automated order assignment lets dispatchers
manage by exception


How will Dispatch Science benefit your dispatchers?

Simplify the complexity of your
dispatcher’s job

Boost your dispatchers’ productivity to scale your business
  • Visualize interactive display of orders and drivers with our graphical dispatch board
  • View and manage orders by groupings of your choice with user-definable filters
  • Automate dispatch for touchless order assignment based on business rules


Track, prioritize, and solve
exceptional issues more effectively

Empower your dispatchers with management tools to track and manage exceptions
  • Deploy exception-based management via the built-in Notification Hub
  • Manage activity with warnings for zone, price or address errors
  • Monitor alerts for arrival time delays, customer no-shows or other issues that have an impact on the job


Provide the visibility dispatchers need
to make your drivers succeed

Improve your driver’s performance with real-time data and the features to respond to any situation
  • Monitor a driver’s optimized stop sequence and route
  • Satisfy driver expectations by balancing workload based on distribution rules
  • Communicate with drivers via two-way messaging capabilities
  • Track driver speed and location in real time


Make informed decisions
with real-time visibility


Get real-time access into your driver data from a concise & powerful dashboard
  • Create pre-defined alert settings for greater efficiencies, including geo-location of drivers, orders put on hold and orders picked up
  • Analyze delivery delay through the tool’s dashboard
  • Eliminate the minutiae so dispatchers can focus on what’s important

MANAGE smarter, STAY CONNECTED to your mobile workforce and DELIVER first-class service.