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CEO Arthur Axelrad Shares His Thoughts on 100% Remote Working

15 December, 2023

Companies following a 100% remote working model has become increasingly popular in 2023, and it is expected to continue to gain popularity over the coming years. Dispatch Science is an example of a tech start up that chose to adopt a 100% remote work from home strategy.

Co-Founder and CEO, Arthur Axelrad shares his perspective on the benefits and challenges with 100% remote working.

As all companies adjusted to the reality of Covid 19 and in many sectors a workforce that was suddenly working from home, at Dispatch Science we had to really think about what the best model for the team would be. We had many questions – How could we retain our staff when many were choosing to relocate out of the city? How did we keep them motivated and focused and ensure that deadlines and targets were met? Would we be as productive without face-to-face in person meetings? What about the potential impacts on morale and mental health? Would our employees feel isolated or disconnected from their colleagues?

The reality for us was that our team adapted very well, they preferred to have more flexibility over their schedules, and we could see that our employees were enjoying better work-life balances. Our team felt they were more productive, as there were fewer workplace distractions, and they were spending less time commuting, which gave many of the team, me included, valuable time back in our days.

So, we decided to transition to a 100% remote working model. We introduced core working hours, so that everyone was available for meetings at set times during the day. We introduced a weekly on-line team meeting for the whole company to share updates to keep everyone informed of the key priorities and to encourage sharing of information cross-functionally. We also introduced daily meetings for our individual teams to keep on top of their own projects and ensure we created an environment that was collaborative and solution oriented. Our employees have really embraced the flexibility of creating their own schedules, customizing their workspaces, and developing work routines that align with their personal preferences.

By using the latest communications and collaboration technologies, we have found it easy to connect, share information and collaborate seamlessly, regardless of location. We have created a culture of trust and transparency at Dispatch Science, and our team has told us that they feel empowered and more autonomous working from home, and more satisfied with their work-life balance. We have also been able to tap into a wider talent pool when seeking to fill roles with specific skills sets, with a few recent hires, not based locally here in Montreal.

Ensuring your employees have all the tools they need to succeed is critical, and number one is a good internet connection! Clear communication channels and regular 121 check-ins with all team members are essential. Our team's productivity has increased, and as a company we have also benefited from a reduction in expenses related to office space, utilities, and other overhead costs. We have not eliminated in-person meetings altogether – we hold bi-annual off-sites where we all come together in person to work on shared projects and teambuilding, and this is something that we all very much look forward to.

Having been initially reluctant to transition our company to a remote working arrangement, I can confidently say at this point that it was a good decision.

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