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Dispatch Science Now Available in Spanish

Dispatch Science Wins in Latin America with Spanish Driver App

20 May, 2021

MONTREAL, Canada — Dispatch Science has released its feature-rich iOS and Android apps for delivery drivers in Spanish. The availability of native language support for the vast Hispanic community anchors Dispatch Science and partner LastMile Consulting as market leaders in Latin America.

“Building on the initial success LastMile is enjoying in Latin America, and the rapid growth of Dispatch Science in the southern United States, we are extremely pleased to announce the availability of our Driver app in Spanish.” said Arthur Axelrad, co-founder of Dispatch Science. “Now, more drivers will be able to do their job faster, more accurately, and with less fuss than ever before.” 

Manage orders directly on the mobile device

Drivers instantly view their orders with an optimized stop list. They can edit orders, add new ones on the go, and even transfer orders to other nearby drivers.

Increase driver and dispatcher efficiency

Real-time GPS identifies potential problems before they occur, and instantly provides updates of order changes.

Keep your customers informed, and ensure drivers follow instructions

Drivers can capture signatures and comments, import forms, collect photo Proofs of Delivery (POD), capture barcodes, process COD orders, and accept tips.  Geofenced pick-up and delivery zones ensure they are always at the correct location. You can even push detailed workflows containing complex custom step-by-step instructions.

Enjoy improved communications

Drivers receive real-time status updates and can use the in-app chat to converse with Dispatch or Customer Service. Send broadcasts to alert groups of drivers when needed. Meanwhile, offline capabilities store all activities and upload them as soon the driver is back online.

Take care of your drivers

Enable specialized qualifications to allow higher value orders. Minimize data usage.  Manage schedules and provide a real-time view of commissions and earnings, and even, if allowed, the ability to accept or reject jobs.


About Dispatch Science

Dispatch Science is a cloud-based logistics and delivery software application. Its platform uses the power of artificial intelligence, algorithms, and other technology to help transporters, dispatchers and couriers optimize their operations. To learn more about Dispatch Science, please visit: dispatchscience.com




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