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New SaaS Pricing Announcement

Dispatch Science Discloses Pricing and New Options for its Last-Mile Delivery and Transportation Management System

28 February, 2022

Predictable and Transparent Delivery Management Software Pricing with Multiple Deployment Options Removes Barriers in Adopting the Dispatch Science SaaS Platform

Montreal, Canada. February 22, 2022. Dispatch Science, a market-disrupting leader in Last-Mile Delivery and Transportation Management Software, announces new, transparent, and highly detailed pricing with multiple options for its product. The in-depth pricing-plus-options model, published on the company’s website, enables customers to efficiently match product capabilities with their needs, plan their deployment, and estimate their potential cost savings as they migrate to a modern cloud-native SaaS platform.

“As Transportation and last-mile delivery companies move to SaaS-based services, hidden costs charged by vendors is a big concern,” said Arthur Axelrad, Co-Founder, Dispatch Science. “Hiding prices and not disclosing all the costs is such an old-school mentality. It’s totally inconsistent with our philosophy of transparency and predictability. We want prospects and customers to easily predict their costs while taking advantage of the best-in-class Last-Mile Delivery Management System the industry has to offer.”


Dispatch Science SaaS Deployment Plans

Customers can choose from three different deployment tiers based on factors such as functionality, breadth of service, and cost. Specific add-on modules are available for those seeking extra capabilities without needing the entirety of the scope and price of the next tier. 


Basic Plan

The most cost-efficient option with the core functionality needed to run a simple delivery business with 10-50 drivers. Suited for SMB’s and startups that are cost-sensitive, or customers that are looking for a Delivery Management starter package with upgrade potential. The plan includes CRM, order entry, rating, dispatching, routing, SMS/email notifications, real-time tracking, driver management, and a fully-featured Driver App.

Integration with 3rd party accounting software, a Customer Web Portal, Custom Delivery Workflows, a finance module, the API, and advanced routing with auto-dispatch, are available as add-ons.


Growth Plan

Ideal for carriers with complex requirements that need to modernize and scale. This is Dispatch Science’s most popular plan and it includes all the capabilities available in the Basic Plan, plus all its optional add-ons.

Optional extras include a developer toolkit, business analytics, advanced security, as well as industry solution packs for either distribution & last-mile or health, pharma & controlled substances.


Enterprise Plan

Designed for enterprise clients with more elaborate IT requirements that seek to address the technological limitations of their current platform. The Enterprise plan includes all the features and options of the Growth Plan, while adding a complete personalization toolkit to white-label Dispatch Science into their existing systems, an advanced fleet optimization capabilities, and a portal for collaboration with external agents.

“Dispatch Science is particularly attractive to enterprise-grade companies looking to transition from legacy software to a cloud-native last-mile Transportation Management System,” said Alex Proteau, CTO, Dispatch Science. “By combining modern deployment options and cloud-based software, enterprise IT teams have access to a modern framework where they can leverage their skills to bridge the gap between vanilla deployments and fine-tuned implementations that magnify their company’s competitive advantage”

For more information on Dispatch Science, please visit dispatchscience.com. For detailed pricing, visit dispatchscience.com/pricing/


About Dispatch Science

Dispatch Science is a cloud-based logistics and delivery software platform. It uses the power of artificial intelligence, algorithms, and integrated route optimization to simplify and streamline all aspects of dispatching and delivery operations for on-demand and last-mile shippers and carriers. Dispatch Science is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For more information, visit: www.dispatchscience.com

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