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Free Delivery Management System Offered by Dispatch Science to Qualified COVID-19 Volunteer Organizations

25 March, 2020

To ease the delivery of essential goods to citizens as a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak, Dispatch Science is offering free accounts until July 31, 2020, to  qualifying organizations

MONTREAL, Quebec, March 25, 2020 Dispatch Science is committed to helping organizations of all sizes who are struggling to deliver essential goods to people in need due to COVID19. They are offering free access to their online delivery management service through July 31, 2020, to qualifying organizations.

Arthur Axelrad and Alex Proteau, co-founders of Dispatch Science are offering to team-up with local organizations that want to facilitate deliveries of essential goods to citizens in need.

Dispatch Science’s algorithm-based dispatch management platform is already empowering Wolfe & Wine to efficiently provide 1,000 meal kit deliveries within the Houston area. These deliveries will be routed in the most timely and environmentally friendly manner by using route optimization technologies that minimize time and distance on the road. Additionally, the photo proof of delivery and geo capture technology will automate verification to allow recipients to get real time status alerts of their delivery arrivals while reducing human to human contact.

“Houston is the first of our initiatives to help citizens in need. They contacted us on Friday and by Sunday they were up and running their deliveries with the help of Dispatch Science. By leveraging talent, goodwill and technology, we can expedite services to the people in any area and ensure we are serving the people in our community who need us most,” says Arthur Axelrad.

To find out if you qualify and quickly setup a short-term Dispatch Science solution for COVID-19 related deliveries, contact us and we will respond shortly.

If you’d like to volunteer to make deliveries, please sign-up sign-up here. We’ll share your info with organizations we’re connected with in your area.

Want to know more about Dispatch Science? Visit the website dispatchscience.com


About Dispatch Science
Dispatch Science, a company based in Montreal, is the developer of a software solution in the parcel delivery industry. Dispatch Science is a disruptive Delivery Management System for carriers, shippers, and same-day delivery businesses providing on-demand and fixed route
deliveries. This cloud-based logistics and delivery solution simplifies and automates your dispatching, routing and live tracking.

The Artificial Intelligence platform and cutting-edge algorithms help companies plan, execute, and fulfill their service, delivery, and dispatch operations while automatically determining optimal order assignments and routes. We connect you, your drivers, and your customers with real-time ETA’s and live status throughout the entire delivery process.


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