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Flexible dispatch management

Apparently, sometimes you DO want your delivery management system to allow overloading your delivery vehicles

27 January, 2022

If you are a courier, a shipper or a carrier investigating options for a new delivery management system, you probably feel overwhelmed by the number of solutions that are available. Finding the best match for your business can be a challenge.

At Dispatch Science, we have built our platform from the ground up to provide ultimate configuration flexibility during implementation. Flexibility lets us fit the software to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Take vehicle capacity management as an example. Some of us were confused when our developers added the ability for dispatchers to intentionally overload vehicles. Who in his right mind would purposely allow a driver to load a truck above its spec… RIGHT?

Then recently, Bruce, one of our teammates here, shared his photos from a trip to Kenya. Some were priceless reminders that “overload” can take different meanings for different people! Check them out:

A guy delivering a couple of sheets of plywood using his “double cheek” rear-end friction tool as a fastener

A guy with a milkcrate warehouse on the back of his bike

A guy carrying a 20 foot long 2-inch square metal tube. Talk about leaving a breadcrumb trail!

And then there is the sofa-delivery-man. Bruce had his cab follow the guy and got a great pic of him signaling a turn by shaking his foot. And then when he stopped at the destination, he snapped what our driver app supports so well: a true photo POD … haha.

Flexible dispatch management

Yes. We have tons of different configuration options in Dispatch Science. We’re confident there’s a combination that’s perfect for your business!






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