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Case Study: Pace Runners Inc.

18 June, 2024

Transforming Logistics: A Case Study on Pace’s Transition to a Modern Transportation Management System

Founded in 1997, as a local courier in Birmingham, Alabama, Pace (Runners Inc.) has been delivering customized ground transportation logistics solutions for shippers in middle mile and last mile distribution for nearly three decades.

With an extensive courier network across the Southeast United States and Texas, and multiple distribution centers and transportation hubs, whether shipping small parcels and packages or freight, Pace helps shippers reduce their costs while enhancing speed and delivery.

Pace’s fleet consists of cars, vans, and trucks operated primarily by independent contractors. Pace serves the automotive, industrial, medical, retail, hospitality, and e-commerce industries.

The Problem

As Pace continued to expand its services and geographic footprint, it realized that it faced significant challenges with its legacy Transportation Management System (TMS). Characterized by high costs, a lack of agility and technical debt, their TMS was no longer able to keep up with customers’ needs in a rapidly evolving market. The systems rigidity made it difficult to implement changes quickly and effectively, reaching the point where the value provided no longer justified the investment. The company also realized that routing was frequently inefficient and inaccurate due to being a manual exercise by local operators. In addition, dispatch, customer support specialist and account manager hours were mainly devoted to responding to driver and/or customer inquiries.

Pace recognized the need to search for a modern TMS with much better functionality, reasonable costs, and the flexibility to scale as their business continued to grow.

The Solution

After thoroughly evaluating the TMS’s available in the marketplace, Pace chose Dispatch Science’s cutting-edge transportation management system, as the best fit for their business and their customers. The key factors were;

  1. Modern Interface – Dispatch Science provides a modern, user-friendly interface that addressed the shortcomings of Pace’s previous system. The cloud-based platform offers accessibility from any device facilitating easier adoption and training for users.
  2. Geo-fencing Parameters – the geo-fencing capabilities within Dispatch Science’s TMS, particularly the auto-arriving for drivers upon entering the designated locations significantly improved the delivery time reporting for Pace’s customers.
  3. Robust Rating System – the advanced rating functionality including scripting and custom rate structures has enabled Pace to streamline complex pricing agreements and translate tribal knowledge into automated TMS functions.
  4. Driver Workflows – available in the Dispatch Science mobile app to assist drivers with following customer specific requirements, including signature gathering, and photographic documentation at deliveries. Delivery statuses and driver ETA notifications are automatically sent to customers, and Pace’s dispatch and operations team to proactively monitor, react, and update customers of solutions prior to any failures or delays, with exceptions escalated to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.
  5. Custom Dispatch Boards and Map Views – Pace dispatchers now have a map-based, real-time picture of all routes, drivers, and shipments, giving them total control of the assignment and dispatch process. The result is more accurate dispatching, a higher percentage of on-time deliveries, and better overall customer experience.

For Pace, selecting the right Transportation Management Software (TMS) to help scale their business was crucial. They needed a solution that could grow with them and accommodate increased demand and complexity. Dispatch Sciences’ TMS not only streamlines current operations but also provides scalability features such as flexible route optimization, robust analytics, and seamless integration with other systems. With this TMS in place, Pace are confident in their ability to expand operations efficiently and sustainably, positioning them for long-term growth and success.

“Switching to Dispatch Science was a game-changer for our delivery operations! With its cutting-edge features, we’ve optimized our routes, slashed delivery times, and gained real-time visibility into our entire logistics process. Our customers are happier than ever thanks to faster deliveries and accurate ETAs. Performance data is now available at any time to anyone, and it is easily understood. Dispatch Science has taken the “In Theory” of logistics system capabilities and made them “In Use.””

– Patrick McCarty, Director of Business Systems & Intelligence – Pace Runners Inc.

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