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Peak Holiday Period Challenges in the Last Mile

Peak Holiday Period Challenges in the Last Mile

11 December, 2023

The weeks leading up to major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, see a huge increase in the volume of packages being shipped. But increased volumes and meeting the elevated expectations from customers for timely and accurate deliveries are not the only challenges delivery businesses and couriers face. Here are just a few of them;

1. Resource Constraints – limited availability of delivery staff, drivers, and vehicles during peak periods can lead to delays in picking up and delivering packages.

2. High Volumes of packages in Warehouse and Sorting Facilities – can lead to a backlog in sorting and processing packages.

3. Traffic Congestion – creates delays and unpredictable weather conditions can create disruptions in the supply chain and increase the potential risk of accidents.

4. Technology Issues – increased pressure on tracking and communication systems can lead to delayed tracking updates and communication breakdowns can occur.

5. Returns and Exchanges – high rates of returns and exchanges require reverse planning processes taking up additional resources and time.

6. Seasonal labor turnover – temporary staff hired for the holiday period may not be experienced, leading to the risk of errors and increased time spent on tasks.

To address these challenges and more, last-mile couriers and delivery services are recognizing the need to invest in technology that helps to optimize routes, improve communications, and build contingency plans that mitigate disruptions. The last mile of delivery can be the most complex and expensive and investing in transportation management systems with in-built route optimization, real-time tracking, dynamic scheduling, and integrated communications can transform the efficiency of delivery operations making them more responsive, cost-effective and customer centric.

If this sounds familiar, reach out to our team at Dispatch Science to see how our solutions can help you to stay competitive and win in the increasingly demanding last mile delivery space.

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