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The Value of Price Transparency for Delivery Management Software

28 February, 2022

Why we Chose to Disclose All Prices for our Delivery Management Platform

Have you recently been on website looking for product information, only to get stuck at “Starts at” or “Call us” price baits, followed by a bunch of questions just to set up an appointment, and even then never got a straight pricing answer?

You ask yourself, “Why would an ostensibly professional company use clickbait to get attention? What are they hiding?”

Why wouldn’t they just tell the world what they charge, what their prices include, and let prospective customers decide for themselves?

Aren’t the days of the sleazy, used car salesperson tactic a thing of the past?

We believe that if you have nothing to hide, you should put it out there!

We’ve decided; the buck must stops here!.


Four Reasons Pricing Transparency Helps You, and Us


1. Pricing transparency builds trust

We’re buyers too. It bothers us when companies are secretive about their pricing. Are they scared of their competitors? Do they have something to hide? Is there a nasty surprise lurking around the next corner? We did some research and found that 86% of businesses felt that a clear statement of pricing or costs from providers was very or extremely important, and 38% thought it was challenging to find a provider they could trust.

Interestingly enough, our Google Analytics reveal that the most visited section of our website after our homepage is our pricing page.

We realize that pricing transparency potentially allows our competitors to undercut us, but we believe that trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Being transparent builds that trust. While the logistics software market is a crowded place, no two transportation management systems are the same; each has distinct capabilities and is entitled to set its prices.

We want to enable you to make an informed decision, and that starts with giving you the information you want; upfront, clearly, and thoroughly.

We don’t have roots in old technology and old ways of doing business and we want our practices to be as modern as our technology.


2. Pricing transparency provides a better match between what we offer and what our future users are looking for

Everyone’s time is precious. We want to focus our resources on working with prospective clients for whom we’re a fit.

Both parties can concentrate on ensuring business requirements are met when budgetary questions are addressed up front.


3. Since real-time access to information is one of our product’s best features, then access to our pricing should as well

When we set out to build Dispatch Science as a next generation, cloud-native platform for the delivery market four years ago, we knew that the computing power of the cloud, integrated route optimization, and AI-driven auto-dispatch would be transformative for the industry. However, to our surprise, another highly valued capability emerged as well: Transparency. Our real-time data accessibility and transparency have consistently been amongst the top 3 reasons our customers select us, and more importantly, stick with us over time.

It just made total sense to extend that winning approach to our pricing.


4. Price is not a long-term competitive advantage. Honesty and transparency are

We are incredibly proud of our product, and we know our prices are competitive. We believe Dispatch Science represents the best same day and last mile delivery management system out there. Our cloud-native platform, real-time data transparency, auto-dispatch, and integrated route optimization position us ahead of our competitors and provide the most value to today’s margin pressured carriers. But it’s also the way we interact with our customers, take the time to answer their questions, manage their concerns, and exceed their expectations; that is the testament to what we’re doing right and validates our prices.



Data transparency, process transparency, and now pricing transparency. Our journey towards openness continues. We can’t wait to show you our stuff! Meanwhile, check out our transparent pricing page.

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