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Transform Chaos into Order

Transform Chaos into Order…

7 December, 2023

At Dispatch Science we are always looking for ways to improve our transportation management software and create more value for our customers. Getting regular feedback from our customers and really understanding their needs and pain points has helped us to use these customer insights to create product features that meet and, in many cases, go beyond our customers' expectations.

One of our recent innovations is our Advanced Distribution solution. It transforms bulk lists of orders into optimized routes, in seconds, and it is the perfect tool for last-mile distribution and routed delivery services that need to deliver a high volume of orders. Especially important right now during peak delivery season.

Imagine, that you are a route planner and that you have just received a huge data dump from a shipper, thousands of parcels need to be received, scanned, sorted, routed, loaded and delivered next day. Your window to plan is practically non-existent!

Where do you start? With our advanced distribution solution, you can create densely optimized routes in seconds from thousands of stops and assign them to drivers.

  • It's configurable, enabling you to specify load time, vehicle capacity and client-specific requirements

  • It creates time-saving routes, boosting the speed and accuracy of route planning, dispatch, and the overall delivery process

  • Helps to reduce fuel consumption

And more importantly you can improve margins and delight even the most demanding of customers.

Check it out here, Dispatch Science.

If you would like to know more about this feature, or new features that we are bringing to market such as our geo-fencing options with inner and outer zones for deliveries, then contact our team.

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