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Success Story – DELIVERY EXPRESS LOGISTICS Helps Hospital Deliver ‘000’s of Covid Test Kits

10 October, 2021

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Delivery Express Logistics

  • Started in 1997
  • Based in Seattle, WA & servicing Pacific Northwest region
  • Fleet of cars, vans, trucks operated by independent contractors
  • Previously using a 20+ year-old TMS
  • Servicing multiple industries: Healthcare & pharma, retail, automotive, office supplies, manufacturing, and distribution


Label, sort, pick-up, load and deliver home Covid test kits for a major Pacific Northwest hospital group.

Lacked technology that would make it easy to divide the workload into routes, optimize stop sequences, ensure customer’s specific pickup and delivery tasks were completed and reported, provide real-time ETAs & alerts, all while enforcing location accuracy.

Needed a solution that could QUICKLY SCALE, to receive massive daily amounts of order data, route and load-balance, and generate labels for 20-30 routes within ONE HOUR.

“We turned to Dispatch Science to obtain the 5 critical tools needed to win the business , all from a single platform, and opened the door to other exciting opportunities in healthcare and other high-touch, regulated industries.”

Mike Moraski, CIO, Delivery Express Logistics


Delivery Express Logistics selected Dispatch Science as a partner to build their capacity to win the business and quickly implemented their solution. It provided the 5 key technologies they needed to meet all the requirements of their new customer.

Notifications and Predictive ETANotifications and Predictive ETA’s

Before – Poor visibility on orders, hundreds of daily phone calls
Huge amount of time wasted over the phone between customer service, dispatch, drivers, and customers because the only way to know when an order would arrive was to call the driver.

After – Automated notifications plus predictive ETAs
Customers see, in real-time and via notification, the status of all their orders, including predictive ETA’s.

The reduction in calls allowed Delivery Express Logistics to reallocate one employee to other, more productive tasks, and end-users stopped worrying about arrival time of their test kit.

Route OptimizationRoute Optimization

Before – No route planning visibility
Route planning was hidden in a black box. Dispatchers could not see a drivers expected routing to make in-route adjustments.

After – Automatic Route Optimization
Algorithms ensure that route quality is always optimized. Dispatchers review the recommended routes to only focus on the 10% exceptions and use their time to plan routes far in advance.

Live “what-if” scenario analysis dramatically increases dispatcher productivity, and driver recruitment is now easier because pre-optimized routes are automatically fed to the mobile phones of less experienced drivers.

Custom WorkflowsCustom Workflows

Before – Difficult integration
Specialized workflows like Covid test kid deliveries were complex to implement, maintain and validate. Staff could not easily confirm whether workflows were followed or not, causing compliance issues. 

After – Simple in-house configuration
The in-app workflow capabilities make it easy to implement a custom workflow for the hospital. Non-technical internal staff can now build custom enforceable workflows such as:

  • Contactless, with picture at pickup/delivery
  • Receiver name verification
  • Specific questions for specific customers
  • Special instructions if a blue label is on a package

Dispatch Science’s in-app workflow tools help eliminate custom programming costs and reduce driver training costs.

Live TrackingLive Tracking

Before – Poor driver location visibility
The legacy software was in the hands of the dispatchers, which meant that the organization was heavily dependent on their arcane knowledge.

After – Driver location always visible
Dispatchers, management, and administrators, all can see every driver’s exact position, and, if needed, administrators have an audit trail. Driver positions are updated every few seconds on the map so is easy to validate the best assignment choices.

Faster dispatcher reaction time during emergencies and increased productivity that allows management to repurpose staff-time toward improving customer & driver satisfaction.


Before – Dependent on software vendor resources and availability
Integrations were dependent on the software vendor’s release calendar, available resources, and immediate priorities. This would put pressure on relationships with bigger customers when technological adjustments to existing or new integrations were required.

After – In-house development and deployment
The Dispatch Science open API can automate custom communication between systems via rule-driven flags. It empowers and liberates in-house IT to develop and implement new integrations without external reliance, and to expand the system on their own. They are now able to offer clients an easy-to-use API for ordering, tracking, and updates.

Reduced reliance on software vendor for 3rd party integrations.



  • 1 FTE worth of work saved
  • 99% on-time delivery
  • Less than 2% exceptions
  • Reduced human interventions
  • Dramatically reduced Call interventions
  • Increased dispatcher productivity
  • Improved driver recruitment and training
  • Increased driver compliance
  • Faster emergency resolution
  • Automated custom communications
  • Greater autonomy for developing custom workflows and integrations 


“Dispatch Science is the future-proof system that will allow us to continue to grow and compete with the likes of Amazon, UPS, Fedex and others for years and years to come.”

Mike Moraski, CIO, Delivery Express Logisticss Logistics



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